Okay, let's try this again...

I'm Amy, a creative spirit who loves telling stories through every medium. I'm a pug mom of three and devoted wife, I have an unhealthy obsession with serial killer documentaries, and I spend far too much of my time scrolling for inspiration on Pinterest. This blog was started for a different purpose, but I have found myself wanting to get back to writing lately and hope you enjoy what I have to say. Or not. That's cool, too.

On this blog, I hope to share my knowledge of design, building a business, and the wedding industry; as well as personal subjects like mental health, activism, and the joys of owning a grumble*. Every other week, you can expect to see posts about things like planning an event during a pandemic, how to define your brand, and even the occasional styled shoot for some wedding inspiration. There will be tutorials or behind the scenes looks at my work from time to time, and you will definitely get some pug cuteness here and there. I'm looking forward to sharing my creative spirit and having fun in this space.

Samantha Jay Photography

*Grumble: the term used to describe a group of three or more pugs. Yes, I'm serious.

This blog is changing (again), but you can still find all of Bloom With Us' old posts archived here for as long as this blog is running. Check out some of my old posts if you're looking for more wedding planning tips, real wedding inspiration, or features on some favorite vendors.